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Boasting more than four decades of experience, Duegi Pelletterie is headquartered in Nove, situated at the core of the Vicenza province, a region with a rich historical reputation for its prominent role in crafting exceptional leather goods.

The company is segmented into multiple functional departments encompassing design, production, logistics, as well as management and administrative offices. Within each of these divisions, a dedicated team of exceptionally skilled professionals stands prepared to fulfill any customer request.

By consistently pursuing a trajectory of continuous growth and refining its business processes, the organization has been tailor-made for commission-based production of exclusive brands, guaranteeing utmost dependability, trustworthiness, and confidentiality.

Our meticulously designed organizational and production framework is fully equipped to execute a diverse array of processes, all distinguished by an exceptional standard of quality. This empowers us to oversee every facet of production, encompassing the development of new models, sample series, and mass production. We ensure:

  • Expert technical assistance
  • Cost target estimations
  • Oversight of budgeting, procurement, and quality control for materials
  • Comprehensive supervision of the entire process, from start to finished product
  • Logistics and administration of the entire outsourced production process